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  • Jacob v joseph


  • MR. Charles Nathan

  • Mr.John thekkanal



  • Mrs.H.Banerjee

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The formation of an Old Boys Association at St.Joseph's College was desired way back, realizing that anything which united past and present in amity was good for an Institution.

To fulfill this desire , an association was formed an registered in the early 70's.Down the years , this body faced good and bad but somehow, did not succeed in establishing itself. Hats off to those who kept it alive to enable us, the present Committee, revive the same under a new registered association, in 2014 i.e. "ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF ST.JOSEPH'S COLLEGE, COONOOR".

We have since , been an effective and active body-trying to server our Alma mater by helping and guiding youth to a better perspective and better understanding of the prospects awaiting them. It is in this spirit that the alumni helps in organizing career guidance sessions, Education Fairs, Debates etc, including fees payment for a few.

The present has to make room for the future and it is our earnest desire to find the lost old boys and have every Josephite who passes through the portals of this Institution.