Br. John Britto, Principal

I have always believed that 135 years of SJC with its pinnacle of success was always the result of high intention , sincere efforts , intelligent direction ,skillful execution and above all the grace of the Almighty.The testimonials is thus the Academic Excellence , Consistent winners in Sports and other Extra Curricular activities in all the cadres representing even the nationals.

We look at ourselves as a community of learners, where everyone learns including our teachers, parents & staff. The school upholds high standards with an absolute commitment to strive and improve on the educational process and all round capability of a student and fostering them to be competent for the future.

The school stands with its " blue banner shining high above " because of the strenuous efforts of the committed and supportive management, the active participation of students, the dedicated and caring staff, cooperative parents who worked in the backdrop to bring out the best in children. The school has a collective lot of fair-minded, passionate, honest, well-mannered, inspirer, skilled, and supportive mentors who will have a strong positive impact on the student's attitude and personality.

St.Jospeph’s has always ensured to give high quality education which motivates and empowers our students to be lifelong learners and the productive members of the society. Most of all, I am overwhelmed by the perseverance of our students, by their tenacity, their strength, and the genuine goodness of their hearts.

Our students are made to experience education with a holistic approach which not only emphasizes on the academic front but also other important aspects like promoting healthy lifestyle, cultivating ethical and social values and ultimately imbibing a desire for learning. The harmonious and peaceful environment built by our Patrician Brothers is aimed to enhance material productivity and spiritual uplifting. The school apart from academics has given our students many platforms in both Extra and Co-Curricular activities making them efficient in all aspects .

We place a particular emphasis on academic success, while also ensuring each student is provided with the opportunity to develop a broad range of interdisciplinary skills and competencies. Our mission is to develop our students into curious, self-directed, and resilient learners with a strong moral compass. At the heart of this effort is the special partnership that exists between students, their teachers and parents. It is our commitment to maintaining open, transparent and proactive lines of communication between all stakeholders throughout a student’s learning journey.

The caring and sensitized ethos at SJC has helped our alumnus evolve into caring and achieving members of society and blossom into responsible, global citizens carrying the message " Once a Jospehite,Forever a Josephite " . I am confident SJC prepares our students to reach and expand their potential like our alumnus and become productive , responsible , ethical ,creative and compassionate members of the society because we strongly believe in our motto " Nun Quam Nun Paratus meaning Jospehite's are never unprepared "