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By the late 1920's, St. Joseph's had begun to grow in strength and stature and it was found expedient to develop the boarding facilities,as more and more children poured in from remote stations. Consequently in 1929,more buildings and accommodation came up. The school has come a long way since then and the year 1995 saw the installation of a solar plant with steam cooking. The accommodation has ample space designated for dormitories,dining halls,study halls,bathing and toliet facilities.

Maximum care is taken for the safety of every child. However, if any unavoidable accident takes place, the school authorities will not be held responsible.

The school will arrange for Uniforms
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The School makes all travel arrangements for overseas students, if requested by the parents.
Courts at Coonoor shall alone have jurisdiction to try any dispute that might arise.


Students are provided four main meals and in case of any particular religious preference, adjustments may be made. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is served. Boarders are permitted to bring eatables from home and they must use only their lockers for the storage of the same.


In order to maintain uniformity, the school will arrange to supply uniforms at the rate given in the form. Clothes should be new or in reasonably good condition as they have to last for the whole year and should have the boy's name and class marked on them.
Parents are asked to give special attention to these matters. Two copies containing the list of clothes are to be brought to the boarding. One is to be given to the Principal and the other to the dormitory Matron-in-charge,duly filled,on the child's arrival at school. Matrons will be in charge of the small boys' clothes and will make every effort to prevent loss. However should losses occur, the school will not be responsible. Parents are requested to warm children against carelessness in this matter. Students are permitted to wear coloured clothes in the evenings after school and on holidays.